Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Soul mates

Because this starts and ends with you too. The limit does not exist.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Some Beautiful Things

The sound of a typewriter in action, a romantic reminder of a beautiful bygone time
The sight of a heaving, happy party, with its satisfyingly heady mixture of laughter, alcohol and the freedom it permits
A perfect outfit, in colours and fit which compliment your skin tone, hair colour, curves and personality
The scent of each page of a newly opened magazine
The anticipation of fresh air and sunlight
The sensation of safety brought my locked doors, darkness and an electric blanket
The ability to feel completely comfortable around another human being
The love I am capable of feeling and receiving
Being reminded that I am worthy of said love
Hope in its various forms, most of them wonderfully banal
Looking in the mirror on a good hair and makeup day and grinning like an idioit :)
Geting lost in a moment and forgetting everything outside of it- just because it feels good
Angelina Jolie's lips, eyes, bone structure and compassion
Madonna- her eternal charm and paticularly Celebration, Frozen and Vogue
Being likened to Lady Gaga and deciding to take that as a massive compliment
My broken nose, just because it makes me different
Powerful movies that insist you have a cry, drawing emotion from your own life and pain
Satine in Moulin Rouge- she makes me want to wear red lipstick
Finding a song that resonates with you. The kind that you want to listen to on repeat, all day, every day for the forseeable future- the sort of music that speaks to and comforts your soul when everything else refuses to
Cath Kidston rose and geranium hand cream- I love a light rose scent
Showering in the dark
The thought of Winter- and hot chocolate when it's snowing outside
The realisation that time really is a healer
Letting things go & allowing yourself to be happy
Enjoying the littlest pleasures in life- like an almost- hot shower in the morning and that sense of purification, 'newness' and expectation for the day ahead
Having a really amazingly restorative sleep !
Producing an article/ poem/ essay that pleases your teacher, but more importantly, you
My M.A.C fund, money I set aside and save up purely for beautiful makeup
That rush of joy on discovering a HG product, be it a super-flattering and unique shade of lipstick, powder, mascara, foundation, or moisturiser...
Struggling initially to get into a book and then all of a sudden being sucked in by it and REALLY REALLY LOVING IT
The notion that everyone creative is a little bit mad, this has comforted me for a very long time!
Sylvia Plath for her bravery and devestation
Gaga for her real intelligence, ambition and refusal to compromise on her kookiness, EVER
The fashion industry, despite the fact that it is probably the most ruthless and scathing in the world- sometimes a catwalk show or collection will strike me as the ultimate in performance art, and I fucking love it

Ballet- ballet just had to be included !
An interest in politics and current affairs
Sweet texts
Allowing myself to eat some actual really delicious food every once in a while
Laura Ashley, my inner twee girl on crack

Lying in the sunshine, reading a perfectly simplistic book, out of sight from the world
Conceal me in your draw-string bag,

all lily skin, iced heart and plaid.