Tuesday, 25 August 2009

frozen thoughts, paper + pen

so with your stone-cold lips
knock me back
hard + quick,
long + slack
as i dropamidst
this frost-bitten and abandoned track

so tonight
i stumble
through darkening wilderness
closening jungle
flicking through files
of lies, pain + laughter
one more thought+ my mind
will be in plaster

and tonight
i'm nothing more
than an absinthe shot
as scarlett secrecy trickles from my shut eyes
i realise that all our love has gone
to pot
now seven winters: one little dot

we were sisters once
ours was a friendship with a bloodly air

it's just that these fresh eyes well they don't particularly seem to care.


  1. I knew you'd be good at poetry (: xo

  2. of course i wrote it silly rose :) thankyou babes! xxxx

  3. is august the time when thoughts trickle neat from our mind? - i like the fall and cadence of your words i wish mine were so busy and full thought of

    keep it up and DEFINITELY read it loud (in pubs even)


Conceal me in your draw-string bag,

all lily skin, iced heart and plaid.