Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Twists and Turns

I am flawed.
Is this something I should accept?
Or something I must try to correct?


  1. yay! i get to be something you adore :)

    it depends if you like your flaws.
    if you think its a flaw that would make you unlikable or that would hurt other people and put you in bad situations, then you should try make it better.
    i hate when people are horrible and they use it as an excuse to not be nice, they say "i cant change who i am"

    no, you cant, but you can adapt :)

    but if you like your flaw darling dont change it :)
    and just because its a flaw to you, might not mean its a flaw to somebody else.


  2. I would say both. :)

    Don't use the word "correct" because it suggests your flaws are "wrong". Instead, say "improve". ;)


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