Wednesday, 17 March 2010

English Language Coursework.

Sometimes you just need to cry. Other times, you really need to do coursework. Well tonight I said to myself: Why not do both, at the same time, you little fool!? I always write better when I'm crying. :S Please God let this coursework be good! I haven't really tried. I just assume that I can succeed off talent alone now, and that isn't right. I'm not happy about that. I used to try so much harder than I do and I sometimes wish I hadn't done so well in my exams, otherwise, I wouldn't be so confident and thus be slaving away right now for A2s! I don't want to fail, not at anything. I only want the best. Typical Aries really. :L Today was a good day! BRA lost, but such an incredible atmosphere at Ravenhill. I'll miss my school. At the same time, I cannot wait to get the hell away from the things and the people and the person I have been here. Not that I have been a bad person, just not my full self yet. I'm constantly on the self discovery channel, it's mad. Life in itself is confused, a blurred canvas of mixy paint-pot colour. I just seem to move from one stage to the next, drifting on the tide. Even though I don't want to be a drifter, it seems the only way. Oh well. Here's to the world and its Robots. (Let's hope my mechanics improve in the future ) =] xxx Lannie

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