Monday, 29 June 2009

Medicate Me

The soundtrack to my life
1. Michael Jackson- Don't stop till you Get Enough
2. Gregory and the Hawk- Season Poem
3. Regina Spektor- Chemo Limo and Samson
4. Nelly Furtado- Try
5. Kings of Leon- Milk & Use Somebody
6. Goldfrapp- A&E
7. Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence
8. Madonna- Frozen
9. Eminem- Shake That Ass for Me
10. Enya- Fairtale
11. Kasabian- Fire
12. Beyonce- Me, Myself & I
13. Snow Patrol- Set down your Glass
14. Wiley- Wearing my Rolex
15. Peter, Bjorn and John- Young Folks
16. The Streets- Borrowed
17. Kate Bush- Hounds of Love
18. Empire of the Sun- Walking on a dream
19. Coldplay- Cemeteries of London
20. Snow Patrol - The Planets bend beneath Us
21. Snow Patrol - The Lightning Strike

I don't think I could live without these songs. Each one loved for a very different reason and essential listening at very different circumstances and times. My finger's bleeding. Owwwch, I'm hurting like a bitch. I'm like that wounded bird Hannie found the other day and tried to resucitate. I jumped on thorns last night out in the garden as I chatted with Shannie on the phone. I was kind of hop-skipping, you know? pacing through the grass, totally oblivious to the fact that some huggge mother fucker of a rose thorn was waiting to entrap and slice my foot open.

Roses have always been the flowers which have intregued me the most. Noone can doubt their beauty ; their flower looks almost soft and edible-but isn't the bloom SO beautiful that it blinds you of the prickly vert thorns leading up to it? Undoubtably Beautiful. Undoubtably Dangerous. I know someone like that. Not me though. I'm definately more of a Wild Flower.
Those half-coloured geeks which grow in unpredictable little shoots alongside a long forgotten about walk way, up garden fences, and down rusted drains. Unexpected and not conventionally 'flowery' , sometimes even mistaken for a weed. Perhaps not typically beautiful, but definately eye-catching, in their peculiarity , all the same.


  1. I always do this! I always know the soundtrack to my life!

    And sometimes it's great when a song disappears from it, because you've gotten over that thing.


  2. awh thankyou, im happy it made you laugh :L

    because im wasting my youth being pissy about the smallest things, and i need to stop thinking so much about things. same with me actually, i think everybody thinks im really happy, i hope they never see my blog! thankyou for adding me on bebo today as well ^^

    alex, who is painting nails and praying her mother comes back soon with food.



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