Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Soundtrack to my paused life 1.

Kanye- Runaway
the 35 minute music video made me cry, it's a work of art
Temper Trap- Soldier on
this song allows me to get into an emotional STATE, but in a positive, after-glow inducing way
Katy B- Katy on a Mission
An excellent tune to put your face on to, before heading out for the night..
Rihanna- Fading Away
just soft, easy listening
Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition
an eternal favourite, this song is silky, one that transports me to summer streams, and strawberries in the baking heat. quite a feat, considering the current chill- ice, and Christmas is in the air.

I'm getting dressed as I type, ready to run into town to pick up a few things, and cradle a hot chocolate until the world demands me back :) Am's just popped into my room, that girl is beautiful, and more than that, good for me. I think I'm unlucky, and then I look at my friends. I'm up there with the luckiest. I ought to count my blessings more often :)

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  1. I really love reading your blog, its like seeing someone else put into words some of the feelings i have that i ddnt know there was words for. keep it up xxx


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